Master Cylinders

Our specially selected range of products that work in unison with all of our obp Motorsport core hardware. The obp Master cylinders continue to be at the forefront when it comes to braking. These units can be fitted to all obp Pedal Boxes, Hydraulic Handbrakes and can also be used as a replacement cylinder for many brands currently on the market.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are obp master cylinders the same as Girling type master cylinder?

OBP Master cylinders are the same style as the Girling.

What fittings do I need for my master cylinder?

The inlet from the reservoir for our master cylinders are 7/16” UNF where the outlet is 3/8” UNF

How do I know if my master cylinder has gone faulty?

When bleeding the master cylinder, you may find the cylinder to feel ‘spongy’ and soft.

How to test the master cylinder is working?

Like above, when bleeding the cylinder, you should find the pedal to be fairly firm enabling the brakes to function correctly.

How often should I change my master cylinder?

We recommend the cylinder to be changed every 2 years in order to provide the best performance possible.

What master cylinder goes where in the pedal box?

This is a very common question, and it mainly depends on your set up. The most used set up is a 0.625” Bore to the front brakes (Closest to the accelerator), 0.700” to the rear brakes and then a  0.750” for the clutch. Larger brake callipers such as 6 or 8 pots may need a bigger bore cylinder to enable more brake fluid moving through the system.

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