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The PTFE hose is a more extreme version of the CPE hose and most suited to all sorts of industries. Offering excellent chemical resistance, increased operating temperatures, further weight saving benefits and a PTFE, smooth bore inner lining on the hoses. The hose is supported using the same stainless steel outer braid found in the CPE hose, but is further improved by containing a PTFE inner lining as opposed to rubber. By doing so, this introduces multiple advances when compared to the traditional rubber lining and can transfer any type of fluid whilst working within a broad range of temperature changes. PTFE also offers the unique advantage of being vapour free, making it perfect for use inside the cabin.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is PTFE hose good for fuel?

Yes, this hose is perfect for running high pressure fuel lines within the engine bay and cockpit.

Is PTFE hose & Teflon Hose the same?

In short, yes. A PTFE hose can often be called Teflon Hose which is made up of PTFE.

What is PTFE?

PTFE Stands for Polytetrafluoroethylene. A type of polyment that contains carbon and fluorine atoms.

Is PTFE hose Suitable for high pressure applications?

Yes, this hose can handle all manners of high pressure applications but it is important to choose the correct size bore hose in order to have the correct appropriate pressure rating.

How long will my PTFE hose last?

The lifespan of PTFE hose depends on many factors such as application conditions, maintenance and usage. Usually, with good care, the PTFE hose can last a long time.

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