Alloy Ramps (Pair).


WRC style alloy wheel ramps with a strong chequered alloy top surface,these units have easy to carry holes in the back and stack into each other for very easy storage. These ramps are specifically designed for low riding vehicles, race cars and cars with deep spoilers.


At approximately 1.1 metres long the ramps are longer than most ramps on the market. This extra length allows a shallow angle of approach and means that deep spoilers won't foul on the ramps. Once at the top of the ramp the wheels are chocked by a V shaped depression in the ramp. There will now be sufficient clearance under the spoiler to insert a trolly jack and raise the car higher if required.


Despite their length the ramps are surprisingly light and weigh less than most steel ramps. Their all welded construction makes the ramps strong enough to support almost all vehicles that will physically fit on them and a cut out in the end plate allows easy handling when aligning the ramps.


Aluminium Products have always been a core part of obp Motorsport's product line up. Over the years they have become world renowned for high quality craftsmanship and reliability. Each obp Motorsport Aluminium Product is handmade in the UK and goes through rigorous quality checks before it gets delivered to your door.


Product Information:


Length: 1030mm

Width: 225mm

Height: 140mm

Dip: 120mm

Alloy Ramps (Pair)

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