Peugeot 205 Front - 1 Piece (Pair).


One of the latest additions to the obp Motorsport product line up is our range of Competition and Professional Alloy Top Mounts.


With the obp Motorsport adjustable Top Mounts, you can adjust camber exactly to your requirements and driving style. Quick and easy adjustment by loosening / removing a few bolts and you can simply adjust the Camber / Castor of your Race Car.


These front Top Mounts replace the standard rubber mounts and they improve the handling, precision and feel of your car. They use superior Carbon Steel with a PTFE Lined Spherical Bearing.


Product Information:


Bearing: Carbon Steel PTFE

Fitment: Peugeot 205

Extras: 6pcs M8x35 St/St bolts with washers and nuts

Peugeot 205 Front - 1 Piece (Pair)

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