Air Intake Roof Vent.


The Air Intake Roof Vent offers an aerodynamic and sleek design, fitting flush to the roof of your car which will give the Driver and Co-Driver the added benefit of fresh air in hot conditions whilst also keeping dust out of the cars cockpit.


  • Internally the air control has two fully adjustable vents and a drain plug for any moisture that is collected. With its fitted grill internally it will stop any loose objects coming into the car
  • Excellent for cooling hot cockpits and is suitable for rally, race and track day cars


Product Information:

(L) 370mm, (W) 290mm Internal Dimensions: (L) 250mm, (W) 210mmMaterial: Carbon or GRP

External Dimensions: (L) 370mm, (W) 290mm

Internal Dimensions: (L) 250mm, (W) 210mm

Extras: Adjustable Direction Air Vents, Drain Plug, Internal Stone Protection Gauze, Two Piece Design

Air Intake Roof Vent

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