How does a pedal box work and are they worth it?

Picture this: you’re behind the wheel of your car and you need an enhanced performance of both your throttle control but also your braking control. The Bias pedal box is designed to improve throttle response by eliminating the delay between pressing the pedal and the engine’s reaction. All whilst providing you full adjustment on the amount of pedal travel and ratio. 

With an electronic throttle system, the accelerator pedal can send an instant transmission to the Engine Control Unit (ECU) making the car feel a lot more responsive in a lower rev range, resulting in a saving in fuel economy for everyday use.

Pedal boxes have proven to significantly enhance the driving experience by providing more power at lower revs, resulting in a car that feels more responsive to steering inputs. By allowing you to fine-tune the sensitivity of the throttle response, pedal boxes can greatly improve the overall performance and handling of your vehicle – enhancing your overall driving dynamic.

Not only do you get an enhancement from throttle response, but adding a Bias Controlled Braking Pedal Box enables you to have more control over your braking performance than ever before. The bias bar situated within the brake pedal allows the operation of a twin master cylinder braking set-up – one master cylinder for the front brakes, the other for the rear. 

Traditionally, you have only 1 master cylinder operation on both sets of brakes. Upgrading to 2 master cylinders gives you full control over how much braking performance goes to either the front or the rear. This gives you the edge in braking late on the track to increase lap times.

How does it work?

There are two main functions of a pedal box.

  • To increase the electronic signals that are sent back and forth between the accelerator and the ECU / Engine. This is done by adjusting the sensitivity of the signals to help the pedal box eliminate lag, allowing for immediate acceleration.
  • The Bias Master Cylinder is set up to allow you to have separate control of the ratio of braking between the front and rear brakes.

How to install it?

The thought of installing pedal boxes to your vehicle can be daunting, but in reality, they can be pretty straightforward to install and easy to use. It is always recommended that a professional mechanic/race car preparation company install a bias pedal box. To get a full breakdown on how to install our pedal boxes, simply visit our ‘Pedal Box Guide’ Help sheet.

There are also other pedal box parts that you can install to improve your ride, such as master cylinder covers and cable throttle linkages.

Are Pedal Boxes Worth It?

Whether pedal boxes are worth the money you’ll pay for them, depends on how much you value a responsive ride. The answer lies in the transformation pedal boxes bring to your driving dynamics. 

With a pedal box installed, you’ll experience heightened responsiveness, improved acceleration, full control of your braking and a more exhilarating driving experience overall. Whether you’re a performance enthusiast craving that extra kick or simply seeking a smoother ride, a pedal box can elevate your driving experience to new heights.

 In conclusion, a pedal box is more than just a gadget – it’s a game-changer in the world of driving performance.

Bridging the gap between your accelerator pedal and engine, or your brake pedal and brake discs, unlocks power and responsiveness. This transforms your everyday commute into a racing experience on the track.

Pedal boxes increase the voltage from the pedal before sending it to the ECU. For example, if you push the pedal down 10%, the signal sent to the ECU maybe 20%. This process is the same across all RPM levels.  

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Types of Pedal Boxes

One of the most common comments we receive is which pedal box do I need? Here are various types of pedal boxes available, all seeking to achieve the same purpose.

Again, the thought of selecting the right pedal box for your vehicle can be daunting, but it all comes down to simple factors such as the space available and your budget! For example, there are top-mounted and floor-mounted pedal boxes, with either the master cylinders in the bulkhead or in the cockpit!

There are also pedal boxes that accommodate a single unit, for example, rather than having the whole kit, you can also get a clutch, brake or throttle pedal unit. 

Why Buy from OBP Motorsport?

Here at OBP, we understand the importance of improving your vehicles’ performance. That is why we stock a wide range of pedal boxes, which have all been engineered and produced in Britain. 

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obp Motorsport, 20 June 2024

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