Where is the clutch master cylinder located?

The clutch master cylinder can be found behind the clutch pedal.

A dual master cylinder separates the front and rear brakes into two systems. This reduces the chance of complete failure should a brake fluid leak occur. Typically, the section closest to the brake pedal handles the front brakes, and the second section handles the rear brakes. However, this will ultimately depend on the design of the vehicle. Every vehicle is unique, so it’s worth referencing the service manual to see the configuration.

What is the difference between a top mounted and floor mounted pedal box?

Top mounted foot pedals are slightly hanging or suspended, whereas floor mounted pedal boxes are lower down and allow you to depress the pedal fully to the floor. Some motorists argue that floor-mounted pedals are more ergonomic as it works to the natural movement of the foot. One downside is that there is less space for mounting master cylinders and cables. Others believe that top-mounted pedals provide more control over the input, and are less susceptible to rusting when it rains. Which is the best pedal setup is completely up to the driver’s preferences.

Are OBP drive-by-wire compatible?

Yes – OBP sells drive-by-wire compatible parts, including pedal systems. We clearly label this on the product description so you can be confident you’re purchasing the right kit for your car.

Are OBP master cylinders similar to Girling?

Yes – OBP master cylinders are high-quality but more affordable reproductions, manufactured in the UK. Drivers can be confident that dimensions and threads are the same as on the Girling.

What is the difference between CPE and PTFE fuel line fittings?

The PTFE hose offers an enhanced version of the CPE hose, tailor-made for the demands of the motorsport sector. It boasts higher operating temperatures, further weight reduction, and features a PTFE inner lining, ensuring a smooth flow within the fuel hose.

Do you offer a custom size or bespoke tank service?

Yes – with products being manufactured at our UK based factory, we can offer a bespoke alloy tank manufacture service.

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