Pro-Race V3 Billet Alloy Bias Adjuster OBP-BA-01

Pro-Race V3 Billet Alloy Bias Adjuster OBP-BA-01
Part Number OBP-BA-01
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Pro-Race V3 Billet Alloy Bias Adjuster OBP-BA-01

PRO-RACE V3 Billet Aluminium Premium remote brake bias adjusters are designed to attach to balance bars and allow brake bias adjustments by the driver during competition.

If your Aim is to be Faster and Win Races you need to get your brakes under control, so you have total confidence no matter what the weather allowing you to brake as late as possible. Keeping your race car balanced and positioned correctly under late braking is essential to deal with any obstacle that comes your way . The obp Motorsport V3 Bias Adjuster will allow you Ultimate Smooth Adjustment to enable Faster Entering and Faster Exiting of each Turn every time.

  • Lightweight High Quality Anodised Alloy Adjuster Knob
  • 4 Position - Positive Click Stops Per Turn
  • Double Ball Spring Loaded Multi Dent Lock Design
  • Panel / Dash Mounted - 20mm Hole Required
  • Smooth Accurate Rear / Front Bias Positioning
  • 1200mm Cable Can Be Cut To Length
  • Windup Resistant Cable Sleeve Technology
  • Optimised Design for Function, Durability and Weight Savings
  • Includes 7/16″-20 Balance Bar Coupling
  • Incorporated Bias Position Indicators

This high quality Aluminium Billet Remote Bias Bar Adjuster is designed to fit to any brake balance bar with a 7/16"-24 UNF thread.

Panel / dash mounted anodised alloy knob features 1/4 turn positive click stops to enable precise, vibration resistant adjustments. For fitment a 20mm holes is required.

The coupling fitting is removable to allow the cable to be cut to length if required. The cable outer is made from a self-extinguishing polyethylene material and is supplied with attachment clips. 

This obp V3 Bias Bar Adjuster is the Ultimate in Bias Brake Adjustment, this design is recognised as the Industry Standard and is used in many types of Motorsport - WRC, TCR, Touring Car, Rally, Rally X, Circuit Racing, Off Road / Dakar, Auto Grass, Oval Racing, NASCAR, Retro Racing, Classic Motorsport etc.

Kit Content: V3 Bias Adjuster, 1200mm Anti Windup Cable, 7/16-24 UNF Bias Adjuster Coupling, 6 x D Fastening Clips

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