11 Litre Split Dry Sump Tank OBP-SPDS11

11 Litre Split Dry Sump Tank OBP-SPDS11
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11 Litre Split Dry Sump Tank OBP-SPDS11
If you do not already know the advantages of dry sump over a wet sump engine, they are as follows: 
1. Wet sump requires a well of oil, which needs to remain in contact with its pick-up pipe, which supplies its feed to the oil pump, itself. Unfortunately, the needs of Motorsport usually require that the engine is mounted as low as possible in the car and therefore, the sump pans are usually restricted in height. If you take this to its extreme, in some of the pick up racing formulas therefore, you effectively end up with a sump pan that resembles a frying pan. So, as you can imagine when the car is cornering at high speed, the thin layer of oil e.g. 1" to 3" of oil is sloshing around continually. In order to make the sump pan work, it needs to be quite complicated with gates, to keep the oil supply continuous to the pump, without any pockets of air being supplied instead of oil. 
2. The nature of a dry sump system is that the pump, which is usually in three stages, is designed to do two things:
a. Supply a continual flow of oil from a very tall thin tank (which is the reverse of a wet sump) and since the tank is tall and thin, when the car is cornering a high speeds there will never been a gap in the supply of oil to the pump.
b. The other two pumps are designed to extract the oil from the sump pan and transport it to its oil tank. This does two things, firstly by removing the oil from the sump (the better the sump design, the better the oil is removed) and transferring it to the oil tank. Secondly, because the oil has been removed from the sump, this means during cornering the oil that would have been sloshing around in a wet sump and slowing your crank down, losing you horsepower, is no longer there.
Because a dry sump does not need to have an oil pan big enough to hold the oil under the engine, the main mass of the engine can be placed lower in the vehicle. This helps lower the center of gravity and can also help aerodynamics.
The oil capacity of a dry sump can be as big as you want. The tank holding the oil can be placed anywhere on the vehicle. 
In a wet sump, turning, braking and acceleration can cause the oil to pool on¬ one side of the engine. This sloshing can dip the crankshaft into the oil as it turns or uncover the pump's pick-up tube. 
Excess oil around the crankshaft in a wet sump can get on the shaft and cut horsepower. Some people claim improvements of as much as 15 horsepower by switching to a dry sump. 
Tank Fitting Specifications:
  • 50mm Filler Neck & Cap
  • JIC10 Female Fitting - Oil Out
  • JIC10 Female Fitting - Oil Return
  • JIC8 Female Fitting - Breather / Catch Can

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