obp E-Sports Pro-Race V2 SimCylinder TM Pedal System (Strain Gauge Technology) OBP-SIMPB-02

obp E-Sports Pro-Race V2 SimCylinder TM Pedal System (Strain Gauge Technology) OBP-SIMPB-02
Part Number OBP-SIMPB-02
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obp E-Sports Pro-Race V2 SimCylinder TM Pedal System (Strain Gauge Technology) OBP-SIMPB-02

Over a Decade of Proven Real-World Motorsport Winning Success & Engineering Expertise has been packaged into the obp E-Sports Pro-Race V2 Pedal Systems.
Due to our extensive knowledge in Motorsport the obp E-Sports Pedal Assemblies deliver fantastic feedback from all three pedals for a Professional Realistic Motorsport Simulation Experience.
• Brake, Clutch & Accelerator Real-Life Feedback & Pedal Feel
• Aircraft Grade Aluminium Billet Pedals Anodised Black
• Adjustable Up, Down and side to Side Pedal Pads
• Ergonomic Pedal Pad Adjustment for Heal & Toe
• All 3 Pedals Pivot on Oil Impregnated Zero Maintenance Bearings
• Responsive Accelerator Spring Return and Feel
• Adjustable Accelerator Stop
• Adjustable Clutch Overthrow Stop
• Strengthened and Rigid Box with Dark Matter Surface Treatment
• Multiple Pedal Feel & Feed Back Adjustment
• Integration with PC, Xbox & PlayStation
• Easy Installation & SIM Calibration
• Sim Prologue PC Control Board – Plug & Play Electronics
• SimCylinder TM Technology – Patent Pending
• 12 Months Parts Replacement Warranty from Invoice Date
SimCylinder TM Strain Gauge Technology Sim Box - Technical Information
Strain Gages are able to measure deformation of materials, they are bonded to the SimCylinder TM in a position defined by FEA analysis. Comprising of a very thin copper grid that will stretch or compress due to force, this changes the cross-section of the grid-lines and in doing so the electrical resistance of the grid.
The idea behind the SimCylinder TM design is to use the real obp Track Proven Motorsport Pedal Assemblies with real life race car feel and feedback without messy hydraulics for the World of SIM Racing.
With the SimCylinder TM Unique design utilising Strain Gauge Technology, the strain gauge enables the main structural part of the SimCylinders TM to be also the load cell itself at the same time.
This innovative and unique design can handle the high loads in the SimCylinders TM without complex mechanics or fluids and keep the overall design very compact and easy to install.
• No Mechanical Wear on the Sensors
• Less Components for High Reliability
• Simple Accessible Design for Easy Maintenance
• World's 1st and Patented Technology
• Accurate Measuring Method Without External Influence
• "Aerospace" Technology Combined with the Cutting Edge ‘Race & Championship Winning’ obp Motorsport Pedal Assembly

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