Super B 2.5A/14.4V UK Charger

Super B 2.5A/14.4V UK Charger
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The super B charger 2.5A/14.4V UK with UK socket is recommended for all super B batteries. With this battery charger you can charge Super B battery packs. Please read the operating instructions carefully before use. Please retain these operating instructions.

We recommend to use the appropriate super B charger to charge super B batteries. Do not use a lead-acid charger, as these chargers are optimized for a different battery technology and make use of methods for charging and safeguarding which are unsuitable for super B batteries.

To charge a battery pack, please put the power plug into a convenient mains socket. The green power-on-LED will light. After connecting the charger with the battery pack, charging starts automatically. The yellow charge indicator lights. The charging process is according to the CCCV-technology. After charge end the LED switches back to green and you can use the fully charged battery. To stop charging, disconnect the charger from the mains supply at any time before removing the battery from the charger.#

Technical Specifications:

Contents supplied 1 x Charger 1 x Operating Instructions
Input voltage 100-240 V+/-10%, 50/60 Hz
Battery Types LiFePO4
Charge-method CCCV
Battery nominal voltage 13.2V
max. charge current 2.5A
Charge end voltage 14.4V
No load output voltage approx. 14.5V
Case protection IP20
Indicators 2 LED green: power-on / charge end yellow: charge indicator
Dimensions L x W x H in mm 118 x 62 48 (without mains plug)


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