Floor Mounted V3 Billet Aluminium DBW Accelerator Bulkhead Fit Hydraulic Clutch Pedal Box OBPPRV307DBW

Floor Mounted V3 Billet Aluminium DBW Accelerator Bulkhead Fit Hydraulic Clutch Pedal Box OBPPRV307DBW
Part Number OBPPRV307DBW
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Professional Race (PRO-RACE) Full Aluminium Billet, 3 Pedal, Hydraulic Clutch, Brake Bias Performance Pedal Box.

Part Number: OBPPRV307DBW.

Kit Contents: PRO-RACE 3 Pedal Hydraulic Clutch Pedal Box with 1x Linear Twin Potentiometer, 1x Bias Bar, 3x Master Cylinders & Brake Bias Adjuster

Mounting Location: Floor Mounted Bulk Head Fit.

Pedal Ratio: 5.05:1 to 5.45:1.

Weight: 5.8 lbs (2.6 Kg) * (With Bias Bar, without Master Cylinders).

Approx Dimensions: Width 260mm, Pedal Height 280mm, Box Depth 140mm, Depth Including Master Cylinders 250mm.

Optimum Balance Products Ltd (obp Ltd) PRO-RACE range of pedal boxes are proving to be very popular with race teams world wide.

These pedal boxes represent a major step forward in car control, giving the driver better feel, greater dexterity and the most important bit .

The PRO-RACE range is lightweight, flexible and ergonomically efficient.

All 3 pedals pivot on oil impregnated bushes, giving an incredible smooth motion with very little maintenance.

Special Features Pro-Race V3 Pedal Boxes:

  • Aircraft Grade Aluminium Billet Pedals, Pads & Box
  • Hard Anodized Protected Finish
  • Ergonomic Fit
  • Adjustable Brake Pedal Ratio
  • Adjustable Up, Down and side to Side Pedal Pads
  • Responsive Accelerator Spring Return
  • Adjustable Accelerator Stop
  • Adjustable Clutch Overthrow Stop
  • Upgraded Strength and Rigidity Design
  • Fully Adjustable Brake Bias / Balance System
  • DBW Electronic Accelerator Upgrade
  • 12 Month Warranty

This Linear Potentiometer is designed to withstand the harsh environment in a Motorsport applications. Using proven ‘conductive plastic’ technology, the sensors offer high performance and reliability.


  • Maximum Supply Voltage – 40 VDC,
  • Resolution – Essentially Infinite,

  • Repeatability - 

  • Operational Speed - 10 M/s max,
  • Mechanical Life - 
> 25 Million Cycles,
  • Recommended Wiper Current - 
< 10μA,
  • Independent Linearity - 
≤ +/- 0.5%

Connection & Output Details

6 Core Cable

Track 1

  • Red = +V
  • Black = 0V
  • Yellow = Signal

Track 2

  • Brown = +V
  • Blue = 0V
  • White = Signal


  • Fully Closed = +Vmax
  • Fully Open = 0V

The displacement signals may be reversed by swapping the connections to the Red & Black wires or Brown & Blue wires, providing +Vmax output when Full Open & 0V when fully closed.

DO NOT connect +V supply to the Yellow and White (signal) wires, as this may cause damage to the sensor element.

All our pedal boxes are manufactured by professionals for professionals in our own factory based in the UK.

Thank you for you time.

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