Pro-Race V3 - Universal

Pro-Race V3 - Universal
obp Motorsport Pro-Race V3 Adjustable Bias Brake Pedal Box Assembly is a work of art. This system encompasses Aircraft Grade Aluminium,Full Billet Manufacture by Design, Super Light Weight, Incredible Strength  Pedals & Box Tested up to 700 Kgs with Zero Flex, Comprehensive Pedal Pad Position Adjustability, Ergonomic Fit, Hard Anodised Finish, DBW or Cable Accelerator, Adjustable Cable Accelerator Throw System, Alcon Spec or obp Spec Master Cylinders has taken the World of Motorsport by storm... All the ingredients that create the Pro-Race V3 bias brake pedal box assembly will deliver faster lap times and assist putting your race car on the top podium spot.
The Pro-Race V3 System Is Now The Most Desired Bias Brake Pedal Box Assembly Available on the market...
We are sure we will soon see imitations of this unit so always remember the obp Motorsport brand and obp logo stands for Safety, Affordable Quality, Performance, Amazing Customer Service, Support and Reliability.
Pro-Race V3 Upgrades and Benefits:
  • Aircraft Grade Aluminium Billet Pedals, Pads and Box
  • Hard Anodized Protected Finish
  • Ergonomic Fit
  • Left & Right Pad Adjustment
  • Up & Down Pad Adjustment
  • Adjustable Pedal Ratio
  • Adjustable Accelerator Throw
  • Super Responsive Accelerator Return
  • Adjustable Accelerator Stop
  • DBW Upgrade Compatible
  • Alcon Spec Upgrade Compatible
  • Adjustable Clutch Overthrow Stop
  • Upgraded Strength and Rigidity Design
  • UK Designed and manufactured