Optimum Drive (The Roadmap to Driving Greatness) Signed Copy by the USA STIG

Optimum Drive (The Roadmap to Driving Greatness) Signed Copy by the USA STIG
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Get your signed copy of Optimum Drive by the Ex USA Stig. 

Paul F Gerrard (USA STIG) was a huge worldwide icon, he is a true professional who kept this information a secret for around 8 years. No one knew Paul was the Stig, even his closest of friends and family had no idea what he was up to. 

We was lucky enough to have Paul F.Gerrard at the Autosport International Show in Birmingham, before Paul left us here in the UK he was kind enough to sign some copy's of his book for us to sell. SO GET YOURS NOW!!!!!

Optimum Drive is the complete step-by-step guide to maximizing human performance in any endeavour you choose to conquer.

Optimum Drive is a motivational book that uses top level race car driving as the metaphor. As a professional racing driver himself as well a driving coach for over 20 years, the author has penned his unique perspective on what causes people to stagnate at merely good when each of us has the potential to be great. The process is laid out chapter by chapter with the all important nuance threaded throughout. If you have ever been curious about maximizing your own ultimate potential in anything you attempt, this book will walk step by step with you along the way. The foundational concept of “flow,” “zerosteer” and “dynamic car balancing” lay out a secret handshake process only known by a select few until now. It is this demystifying that reveals insights for achieving personal excellence. You’ll never look at driving or life the same way again.

Paul has drawn on his vast experience of driving, coaching and living racing to put together a map that guides you through the mental mine field that is competitive racing. You’ll quickly learn how driving transcends into any challenge in life, sports or business” - Nick Harvey, Xfinity Competition Manager, Chip Ganassi Racing


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