Mazda MX5 MK1 - 4 Pot Caliper Alloy Brake Kit 278x18 OD Floating Disc

Mazda MX5 MK1 - 4 Pot Caliper Alloy Brake Kit 278x18 OD Floating Disc
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Mazda MX5 MK1 Caliper Alloy Brake Kit 278x18 OD Floating Disc

Many vehicles on the market today use a standard braking system to cover the entire range of a vehicle marque on cost grounds; this often leads to a shortfall on the braking performance of the highest specification.

Upgrade brake packages offer better performance over standard OE systems by offering improvements in two key areas:
1) Better braking efficiency utilising larger cast aluminium calipers than original equipment hence increasing pad area and reducing weight;
2) Larger two piece rotors increasing brake heat capacity; thus reducing stopping distances and offering a reduction in weight over the original equipment specification.
Our upgrade kits offer superior braking performance at an affordable price.
Key Benefits of our Upgrade Kit include:
1- Increased Braking efficiency
2- Shorter stopping distances
3- Reduction in unsprung weight
4- Manufactured in the UK to stringent quality systems




Body Material - Aluminium Alloy

Piston Material - 32, 36mm Aluminium

Construction - 2 Piece Boltd

Mounting Points - mm

Kit Assembly - 12.2 kg

Pad Shape - FRP307H

Pad Material - H=Track Day

Disc Diameter - 278mm

Disc - 278 OD Floating Disc (With Springs) Assembly

Disc Thickness - 18mm

Caliper Coating - 920E Black Gloss


Pads - LB1TNK002A

Discs - LB19NC010/11A

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