High Performance Fuel Pump 'Multi Fit Compact' (340LPH) OBPFP340

High Performance Fuel Pump 'Multi Fit Compact' (340LPH) OBPFP340
High Performance Fuel Pump 'Multi Fit Compact' (340LPH) OBPFP340
Part Number OBPFP340
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The OBPFP340 is our highest performing compact "In Tank" fuel pump designed to flow 340LPH.
Weight 355 grams
External Materials Black Steel Body
Inlet Fitting 11mm OD
Outlet Fitting 9mm OD
Impeller Design Regenerative Turbine
Terminal Post Spade Terminal OE Fitment
Min Voltage Input 6 vdc
Max Voltage Input 18 vdc
Current Draw 12 amps (13.8vdc) @ (40 psi)
The 340 Fuel Pump is a high-output, in-tank, electric fuel pump that fits most popular EFI applications. The 340 is a compact, lightweight pump that bolts into many existing assemblies. This pump is ideal for applications requiring more flow while retaining the factory lines and mounting provisions available in the Original Equipment (O.E.) configuration.
Fits most vehicles (See Application List)
Internal Check Valve
Includes universal filter sock
Designed for in-tank use only
Can be used in Carbureted or EFI applications
Turbine pump mechanism increases durability and can be used in pulse modulated applications
obp Pro-Velocity Regenerative Turbo Fuel Pump Technology Explained: The primary difference between a centrifugal and a Pro-Velocity Regenerative Turbine pump is that fluid only travels through a centrifugal impeller once, while in a Pro-Velocity Regenerative Turbine, it takes many trips through the vanes. Once the fuel enters the pump, it is directed into the vanes, which push the fluid forward and impart a centrifugal force outward to the impeller periphery. An orderly circulatory flow is therefore imposed by the impeller vane, which creates fluid velocity. Fluid velocity (or kinetic energy) is then available for conversion to flow and pressure.

Approximate Dimensions: 39mm Diameter / 80mm Alloy Body Length

Fixing Kit Available Here: http://www.obpltd.com/Fluid-Transfer/Fuel-Pumps?product_id=2237
12 Month Manufacturer Warranty from the Date of Invoice, Covering Manufacturing Defects, the fuel pump will need to be sent back to Optimum Balance Products Ltd. for testing before a warranty claim is settled. For Full Terms & Conditions please visit www.obpltd.com.

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