FIA Compliant Yellow (Polyester) Foam (Petrol) 22x22x21cm (10L) Block OBPFOAM3

FIA Compliant Yellow (Polyester) Foam (Petrol) 22x22x21cm (10L) Block OBPFOAM3
Part Number OBPFOAM3
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FIA Compliant Yellow (Polyester) Foam (Petrol) 22x22x21cm (10L) Block OBPFOAM3

Part Numer: OBPFOAM3

Fuel Type: Petrol

We now sell the foam that we use in our foam filled tanks. This is perfect if you are manufacturing your own tank. We have various sizes available that include: Off Cuts (Various Sizes), 22x22x21cm 10L Blocks or the 10x10x10cm 1L Blocks.

Once installed inside the fuel tank, the reticulated polyurethane foam essentially functions as a three dimensional fire screen. The foam is 98% void and only reduces fuel volume by 4% and adds only a negligible amount of net weight to the fuel tank.

 Baffle Foam is used in fuel tanks to reduce slosh, aid pick up & suppress explosion.

The benefits obp Motorsport FIA Spec Fuel Foam include:

  • No moving parts
  • Nothing to turn on or off
  • No pressure lines
  • No explosion sensing devices
  • No functional components to fair
  • No failure modes if installed properly
  • No metal mesh to leave filings that clog filters and injectors

Foam Specification: obp Motorsport Foam is qualified for all military uses. Military Specification MIL-DTL-83054C (Formerly MIL-B-83054B USAF)


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