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Q: What Master Cylinders do you normally send with your Pedal Boxes?

We always send out a .625 for the Front Brakes, .7 for the Rear Brakes and a .75 for the Clutch unless otherwise stated in the Pedal Box description.

Q: What Master Cylinder do you send with your Hydraulic Handbrakes?

We usually send a .625 with our Hydraulic Handbrakes.

Q: Can I get different fittings on one of your Aluminium tanks?

This is not a problem at all, as we manufacture our tanks ourselves in our UK based factory we can make completely custom tanks to your specifications. Visit our ‘Bespoke Service’ page for more information.

Q: Do you have any drawings of your Pedal Boxes?

We have a selection of drawings of many of our products. These can be seen in our ‘Help Sheets’ section.

Q: What are the input and output sizes on your Master Cylinders?

The Feed/Line In is 7/16” – 20 UNF and the Pressure/Line Out is 3/8” – 24 UNF on our Master Cylinders.

Q: What size are the fittings on your Bias Valves?

The OBPCB012 fitting sizes are 3/8” – 24 UNF. Both the OBPBV01 and the OBPBV02 have an Input and Output size of 1/8NPT.