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Since 2007, obp Motorsport has been successfully working with Automotive companies all over the world, obp Special Ops emerged out of these successful partnerships.

obp Special Ops are dedicated to solving design issues, developing products, manufacturing bespoke one off products for our partners and manufacturing multiple products to clients designs and specifications. After extensive research and gaining feedback from our customers and partners, we have been able to review all the services obp have provided across the world over the past decade. These partners included leading Super Car Manufacturers (OEM), Motorsport Component Manufactures, Race Teams, Design Houses, Marine Manufacturing plus many more.

obp Special Ops products are all designed In-House by our experienced team, we use the most up to date advanced engineering and design services.                                                                                     All the services we can provide are listed below:


-          Aluminium, Mild Steel and St/St Tank Design & Manufacture

-          One Off Bespoke Products to Small Batch Work Up to 1000 Pieces Per Order

-          General & Sheet Metal Fabrication

-          Tube Bending

-          Custom Springs Manufacture

-          CNC Aluminium, Titanium, EN24T & Stainless Steel Machining

-          Laser Welding

-          Anodising & Plating

-          Laser Etching

-          Plastic & Nylon Machining

-          Gasket Manufacture

-          Prop Shaft, Drive Shaft & Gear Machining

-          St/St Braided Brake & Clutch Hoses Custom or Batch Manufacture

-          Bespoke copper, St/St Aluminium & Poly Coasted Bundy Brake Hard Lines

-          Bespoke Silicone Hose Manufacture

-          CAD Design / Autodesk & IronCad Software

-          3D Printing / Rapid Prototype & Small Batch Manufacture

-          Carbon Composite Products Manufacture

-          Custom Radiators & Oil Cooler Manufacture

All we require is a drawing or sketch showing dimensions and fittings and any specific requirements that you have. We will quickly process your quote and once agreed our experienced team of Engineers will manufacture your one off design. Turnaround time is dependent on the complexity of the design but you can expect to receive custom tanks in just 10 working days.

You can download the BESPOKE TANK PROTOCOLSHEET HERE, which outlines the information that we need in the drawing to be able to give you an accurate price for your tank.

Mark is our dedicated obp Special Ops Manager and will be able to take care of all your needs and requirements.                                                  Contact him at special-ops@obpltd.com / +44 (0) 1487 814 580 

If you would like to find out more about our Special Ops capabilites, you can download our BROCHURE HERE.   


A few products that obp Special Ops have worked on includes collaborating with big industry names such as VUHL, Super B, Ferrari and many more.


The objective with the VUHL Bias Brake System Pedal Box Assembly product was to design a light weight, ergonomically precise, low maintenance, rotary potentiometer DBW pedal assembly. Utilising a fast and simple production line installation design, obp worked in collaboration with VUHL to produce a solution that is installed in all the OEM factory built 05RR models.


The project brief for obp Special Ops was to design a protective, durable and light weight battery case, with a built in ventilation system to eliminate explosive gas build up. We worked in collaboration with Ferrari and Super B to achieve a commercial solution that is now in the new Ferrari 488 GTB Challenger Race Cars sold all over the world.