Base Mount 1.5 Ltr Fuel Swirl Pot with JIC Fittings OBPJICS24

Base Mount 1.5 Ltr Fuel Swirl Pot with JIC Fittings  OBPJICS24
Part Number OBPJICS24
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Base Mount 1.5 Litre Fuel Swirl Pot with JIC Fittings

Part Number: OBPJICS24.

Size: Base Mount 100mm Dia x 220mm 1.5 Ltr Fuel Swirl Pot, 3 x JIC 6 (1 x short, 2 x extended) , 1 x JIC 8 Outlet / Inlet pipes.

You are looking at one of our universal Alloy 1.5 litre Fuel Swirl Pot. This is designed to meet the requirements of the serious motorsports enthusiast who is using a fuel injected car for competition or fast road use. Benefits of a Swirl Pot: Reduces injection pump failure, Controls a supply of constant fuel, Will not starve the engine of fuel whilst hard cornering.

These Swirl Pots are manufactured in our own factory based in UK to a very Hi-Standard.

We want to offer top quality products at very competitive prices, so do not be put off by the price. These are fantastic products!!

Thank you for taking time looking at this product we have hundreds of other products.

This item is QC Checked and Pressure Tested prior to dispatch. We are also able to produce special one offs, for more information please contact us.

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