BMW E46 Right Hand Drive Pedal Box - OEM DBW Accelerator OBPBE467

BMW E46 Right Hand Drive Pedal Box - OEM DBW Accelerator OBPBE467
Part Number OBPBE467
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BMW E46 Right Hand Drive Hydraulic Clutch Pedal Box - OEM DBW Accelerator

Race Rally Track-Pro Pedal Box Part Number: OBPBE467

Kit Contents: 3 Pedal Box For Hydraulic Clutch with Bias Bar, 3x Master Cylinders, 3x Reservoirs, 1x Reservoir Bracket, 1x Brake Bias Adjuster & 3x Feed Hoses.

Mounting Location: Floor Pan Fit

Pedals: Light Weight Steel

Clutch: Hydraulic

Pedal Ratio: 5.5:1

Weight: 5.1 lbs (2.3 Kg) (Weight is with the pedal box with the Bias Bar, Without Master Cylinders)

This clever design takes the original DBW Accelerator. This means you can have full control over your brakes with a bias bar but retain the standard DBW Accelerator. For more details on fitting the accelerator to this unit click here for our fitting guide.

We have designed this system so it is incredibly easy to install. This new revolutionary system bolts to the floor and uses the floor pan angle to mount the master cylinders. NO welding or cutting is required.

These pedal boxes represent a major step forward in car control, giving the driver better feel, greater dexterity and the most important bit Quicker Lap Times.

New Revolutionary Floor Pan fit. Incorporating the angle of the floor pan as part of the installation design. No cutting or welding is needed to install.

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