'Dark Matter' Fuel Surge Tanks (FST)

'Dark Matter' Fuel Surge Tanks (FST)

obp designed, developed and manufactured for Motorsport Anti Fuel Surge Tank Systems with ProFlow Fuel Delivery Technology. 
These systems are designed to prevent fuel starvation in fuel injected vehicles with limited or insufficient tank baffling, when used in Motorsports demanding environments. 

The obp ProFlow Fuel Delivery systems are particularly suitable for vehicles competing in Drifting, Track / Circuit Racing, Autograss, Off Road, Hill Climb, Dakar Desert Racing, Rally X or Rally and these ProFlow solutions will not disappoint.

The obp FST System maintains up to 2 / 2.6 Litres to operate its own internal fuel pump(s) that supply high fuel flow rates, while only needing low fuel pressure from the main tank pump.

This tanks are manufactured out of Aircraft Grade Aluminium engineered to be lightweight compact and suitable with the use of Ethanol, Diesel and Petrol. 

Every FST obp manufacture is pressure tested to comfortably withstand the Max 10PSI Internal Pot Pressure. 
Our new ProFlow Motorsport Anti Surge System is a breakthrough design as it will provide a quick and easy way to upgrade a standard fuel system without going to the lengths of modifying your stock fuel tank or pump. 

This exciting new product range will revolutionise fuel delivery for vehicles that have large fuel demands or experiencing fuel surge / starvation in corners.

• Matt Black ‘Dark Matter’ Coating Resistant to Petrol, Acid, Alkalis & Oil

• Hard Wearing, Scratch & Knock Resistant

• Easy Clean Durable Finish

• Internal Single Pumps or Dual Pumps

• 10 PSI Pressure Tested

• ISO 9001 Quality Management and QC Ckecked

• Aircraft Grade Alloy Construction 

• Multi Fit FST Top Fits – Fuelab / Protec / ATL Pump Clusters



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